Every Twisted Thought

The individual, collected works of Andrew Lennon to date. All included in one collection.

Flies - A Short Horror Story

Justin managed to get the day off work. He has plans to make the most of it. Drugs, booze, hookers - total degradation. There's just one problem. Those damn flies!

Including bonus stories from:

Shaun Hupp
Norman Turrell

Twisted Shorts

Ten Chilling Short Stories

Twisted – The shadowy malevolence hidden in the most traumatised of cerebrums. The tightness of a solid knot that pushes the final breath from a doomed hangman. A word used to describe the darker, seedier side of society. The spine-tingling sound of the maniacal laugh from a creepy stranger.
From Andrew Lennon comes Twisted Shorts. Featuring a foreword from the future of horror, Michael Bray, this collection of ten short stories delves into the darker side of society. With four unpublished stories, including Devourer, Slayer and Tears of a Clown, the words within will give you nightmares. 
So what do we have? A husband who glimpses his sinister future; a man haunted by his vivid nightmares; homicidal maniacs; creatures from the deep depths of the ocean, and a bullied child who fights back. We also drop in on an auditor on the brink of insanity; a young girl haunted by her dead best friend; a surgeon on a bloody, vengeful mission; a tale of the undead, and a vengeful clown. 
Sound familiar? They should, after all these people could be your neighbour, your friend, your mother, your child's teacher, your deliveryman, your gynecologist, or even you - just give it time…
Twisted Shorts – the duration is little but the memory will live long.


A Story of Friendship and Violence

Sick and tired of day to day life. John turns to his thoughts and imagination for a means of escape. One day he meets Keith. He is taught that life doesn't have to be boring. It can be fun. You can go places, do things, meet people. For the first time in his life, John begins to enjoy himself. However, he soon learns that Keith is not as he appears. He has a dark side. He is out of control and he is taking John down with him

A Life To Waste

A Novel of Horror and Redemption

Dave is a middle aged waste of space. His days drip away in a haze of drinking, smoking and stealing from his mother. But one night the sound of screams disturbs Dave’s habitual living, and everything changes. Something evil is on the loose, snatching people from the comfort of their own homes. Dave’s neighbour’s, his family, his friends are suddenly vanishing. No one is safe. Unfortunately for Dave, it’s up to him to put a stop to it. Even if it kills him.

Ode To Death

“ODE TO DEATH is a celebration of good, old fashioned storytelling and creeping dread. I couldn’t stop turning the pages and you won’t be able to either. I had a great time with this collection.” — Richard Chizmar

From author Andrew Lennon comes a new collection of eighteen titles, including short stories, drabbles and poetry. This versatile collection will have you fearing those noises coming from the attic, questioning whether you should enter that haunted house at the fairground, thinking twice before you stay in a motel on a desert-stricken highway. It will touch you emotionally when you witness a person’s struggles, their discovery of new friends, how they can triumph and live to see another day, raising their heads to create their own Ode to Death.