January's Murder

It's New Year's Eve. Robert Winters has made his new years resolution. 
A plan, a simple but beautiful plan. 
One victim per month. 
Every month for one year. 
It starts tonight. 

February's Murder

Robert Winters is back. 
A New month, a new victim, a new challenge. 
How will it feel to kill someone he has become close to? 
Happy Valentines Day. 

March's Murder

After February's fiasco sent Robert into hiding, he has become restless and desperate to regain a sense of power and control, but before he can move on he needs to go back and clean the mess he has left behind, and remove the loose ends. It's not going to be an easy job, but these things never are. It can be murder.

April's Murder

Robert is on the move again. His violent outbursts are making it increasingly difficult for him to stay in one place for too long. He needs to pack up and move on quickly before the authortities track him down.
On his travels he has an idea - a fun way to enjoy the April showers. Now he just needs a subject to test his theory.

© 2016 by Andrew Lennon, Liverpool, England, UK