A Taste of Fear

On tonight’s menu, brought to you by Andrew Lennon. 
We have a collection of short stories, each tailored to give you A Taste of Fear. 
Something small to whet your appetite. 

For starters we have: 

Bite – A lone survivor in a zombie apocalypse 
Killing Christmas – A man who loses his mind over the festive season. 
Apartment 2B – A taxidermist who decides that it may be time to make his wife, his art. 

On the main course we have: 

Hunger – A cellar dweller who is looking for something, or someone to feed on. 
Silent Scream – A group of campers who are soon to be hunted. 
Meet Victor – A children’s horror tale about a haunted house. 
Twins – Two sisters who invent a game, and they want people to play with. 
Lake – Two lovers who are trying to escape, but can they? 
Bad Day – The tale of a man who’s had too much. Eventually he will snap. 

For desserts we have: 

Bonus stories from Georgia Lennon. 

Dolls With Human Hair. 
Tomorrow Night. 
I am the monster in the dark. 

We hope you enjoy your meal and leave here with A Taste of Fear. 

Please, come back soon. 


July 2013, Manchester. A Murder Investigation Team is assigned to probe into the brutal mutilations of four women found dead within various locations around the city's grimy core. The evidence gathered from the scene of the crimes and the extreme nature of the women's deaths indicate that the team are looking for a dangerous, deranged maniac. The characteristics between the murders increase proportionally with the body count. The only thing that the team cannot find is motive


The Secret Life of My Imaginary Friend


Officer Norman was only a teenager when his quiet neighbourhood fell victim to a brutal serial killer's bloody games. Too young to help, but not too young to feel helpless. Now, twenty five years later, as he patrols his beat, he can't help but wonder about the killer. A killer who is still out there, somewhere. Haunting memories of a case never to be solved . . . or is it?

The Pigeon

Clarke has had a rough week.

His girlfriend told him it was over, his drug dealer is trying to kill him, and he's being followed by that nasty bird everywhere he goes. 

Now he's hell bent on settling the score and teaching every last one of them that he's not a man to be taken lightly... especially the beady-eyed pigeon that has taken more from him than his pride.

Lennon & Motz bring you an exciting, horrific, fast-paced story, packed with violence, gore, mutilation... and angry birds!

No one is safe and nothing goes unseen beneath the watchful eye of The Pigeon.